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February 14, 2018
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February 14, 2018

Definition: THRIVE

to prosper; be fortunate or successful.

to grow or develop vigorously; flourish:


Call it thrive, call it flow, call it flourish… call it whatever you like but essentially the concept of Thriving in Positive Psychology is the culmination of a number of elements which create psychological and subjective well-being.

Rather than bore you with the in’s and out’s of the current literature of Positive Psychology, a more appropriate summary may be better spent discussing how this affects women will assist in increased success along with a greater sense of happiness.

Have you ever met a very successful woman who is financially kicking goals, but you can clearly see this woman is far from thriving? She is sporting a gorgeous outfit and is wearing a pair of Christian Louboutins, that you would sell your first born for, but for some reason you know that she is isn’t happy and that glaze in her eyes tells you more than her high priced accessories.

I have. I see it all the time – I see it in my private practice as a Psychologist and in my Happiness Coaching business – She Got Happy.

You see, thriving isn’t just about being paid well and having a great shoe collection.

Thriving is actually about:

  • The experience of positive emotions
  • The creation of engagement in activities
  • The ability to find meaning and fulfilment in our lives
  • Cultivating positive relationships
  • Utilising all of the above points to commit to positive goals that increase our well-being.

You see, just being financially awesome, isn’t even in that list of what creates a Thriving existence. That’s not to say getting a big fat bank balance, is bad – it just means that these dollar signs won’t necessarily mean you are thriving.

In fact, consider this Ed Diener (Professor of Psychology, University of Illinois) showed that Americans earning $10 million USD a year reported only being moderately happier than those earning $36,000USD a year. Those wealthy American’s stated that what made them happy wasn’t the yachts and pools, but family relationships, good health and feeling fulfilled by helping others.

So what does this tell us? Thriving is not only about reaching for extrinsic goals outside of ourselves, it comes intrinsically from within us.

One of She Got Happy’s Key Areas of Happiness is THRIVE and it is an essential element for women who have dreams and goals and are wanting to passionately pursue them.


Thriving is:

Having a clutter-free life that is passionately and purposefully aligned to your goals enhances happiness.

You need to feel productive and engaged in all areas of your life to thrive and flourish.


Here’s how you can you start Thriving in your life:

  1. Clear the clutter! Get rid of all that ‘stuff’ that is blocking your ability to thrive. Take some time to look around you and take stock of what is draining you. Do you need to deal with an outstanding invoice? Do you need to have THAT uncomfortable conversation? Do you need to clean out your cupboards? Whatever it is… DO IT TODAY!
  2. Get into a healthy and helpful routine! By healthy that’s not just about your physical health (yes, 20 minutes of exercise three times a week will help), but this is also about your mental health. Look at your week and find a way to create some healthy routines for your week that will help you thrive. For example, do you regularly schedule productive time slots for work… or do you spend hours at your computer until the wee hours?
  3. Consider how your Mindset is impacting upon your ability to thrive. Do you have a positive and optimistic mindset? Or are you always focused on what is wrong or what could go wrong?
  4. Review your goals. You must be passionately aligned to your goals. Without meaning and purpose, we become overwhelmed and lost – which is the opposite of thriving.
  5. Finally, prioritise your own happiness! There is absolutely no way you can be a thriving individual if you are unhappy. So if you want to Thrive, look at ways to increase your happiness.


Don’t be that woman, with the fancy shoes and the fabulous car – who behind the Chanel lipstick, is worn out, unhappy and hasn’t smiled in months.

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