The She Got Happy Feelings list is a printable PDF that you can use to:

* Set your emotional intentions for the day. Let’s say you wake up each morning and choose a feeling, that you will make every effort to experience all day. You will find that with this emotional intention, you will have greater bursts of positive emotions and make more conscious decisions about your behavior, that promote a better mood.

* Gain more clarity in goal setting and chasing your dreams. We tend to set goals and tasks that our head decides are important and then work exceptionally hard to meet these goals, only to find that when we achieve what we set out to achieve – we are unsatisfied. The reason for this is, we are not usually seeking the actual outcome of the goal (e.g. lose 5kg), we are chasing the feeling that comes with attaining the goal (e.g. energized & confident).

* Create a life that has meaning and purpose! Rather than go through the motions of life on auto pilot, you can take control of who you are and what you do. By deciding how you will feel, you are less susceptible to letting others dictate your experience of life.