Individual Consultation

Are you stuck in a rut?

Are you feeling overwhelmed, lost and just can’t seem to find your way?



The world can be a frantic and busy place to be.

We are being told that we need to do more, be more, have more and if you want to be “successful” or “happy”. 

But in the pursuit of trying to make everything work and trying to make everyone happy… you might be in a position where you have more demands than you can manage and who is there to help you… make you happy… or assist with YOUR Wellbeing?

The passion that you had when you started that business, that job, that course…seems to have faded in the distance…

Of course, there is a reason for that…there is a wild assumption that you have to get there on your own…that it’s a solo journey that either makes or breaks you…but is it really?

Does it have to be?

We invest precious resources in property, our businesses …we invest in our kids’ education and we sometimes even invest in a cleaner if you can find a decent one…

But ask yourself this…when and how do you invest in YOU? Do you at all?


And if you haven’t and you don’t, how is it that you can really expect to get that lust for life in which every minute is not only enjoyed but savoured?

Well, it’s time.


It’s time to INVEST in YOU time!


Coaching is an investment in YOU and just like all the other things you invest in… Coaching can have a very positive return on your investment.

We also help individuals optimise their best performance through one on one personal and professional development

Maybe you are already performing well…. But you know you can achieve more.

Perhaps you are harbouring the desire to take the leap into something scary or new and you need someone to help you get out of your comfort zone and provide you with support, confidence and performance acceleration.

The investment in taking you from where you are to where you want to be could change your life and bring you financial benefits at the same time.


Individual Coaching with Melanie Else may be the solution that you have been searching for.


What is Individual Coaching with Melanie Else?

  • It is a collaborative partnership where we discover what is holding you back and create actions that increase your skills, performance and achievement of your professional and personal goals.


  • It is a confidential and safe place where we will focus on You and Only You! With a goal-oriented approach and dedicated time, you will gain clarity, see situations clearly and develop effective strategies to manage obstacles that are causing you stress or problems.


  • It will be a down to earth and supportive relationship with a Coaching Psychologist who not only understands you but will help you where you are at. You can be You in your coaching sessions. Yes, we will develop your skills, performance, capabilities and wellbeing, as well as help you achieve your and professional or personal goals – we will do this in a way that works for you… not a preformatted script that is a one size fits all approach.


We can help you to and/or your staff to:

  • Improve and support you to develop specific skills, including leadership, assertiveness and communication skills
  • Gain perspective on a specific issue that you may be feeling troubled by or are cannot gain clarity on.
  • Clearly establish personal and professional goals, coupled with effective action plans to assist you with realistically achieving these goals.
  • Manage stress and burnout, increase your work/life balance and overall wellbeing.
  • Enhance personal and professional relationships through the development of personal awareness and an unbiased understanding of team/relationship dynamics.
  • Realise and harness the strengths of high performers.


Individual coaching with a highly qualified and experienced Coach has shown to greatly improve not only your professional skills but your personal satisfaction and overall wellbeing as well.

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