Strength Assessment


Strengths Profile is the world’s leading strengths assessment that unlocks the potential of individuals, groups, teams and organisations.


Why Strengths?

When we use our strengths, research tells us we’re happier, engaged and more likely to achieve our goals. Knowing your strengths helps you to focus on the tasks you do well and enjoy. It doesn’t just benefit you, but also the people, groups, teams and organisations you work with. When each person knows their strengths and makes use of them, group and team relationships are stronger, and people produce better work

You can make a real difference to your people by discovering and developing their strengths. The benefits of using Strengths Profile are:


What are my Strengths?


Many people understand the importance of their strengths, but many are yet to uncover what their exact strengths are. While we may have a vague notion of what we “do well”, the Strengths Profile provides far more insight than how well you perform specific tasks.

Imagine finally understanding where to invest your time and energy based on your strengths, weaknesses, and hidden potential.

Can you recall a time you struggled with frustration on the job only to see another person complete the task with ease?

Everyone has heard the story about the fish who tried to climb a tree. No matter how hard he worked, he was always better at swimming. You’re no different. As a professional you have many strengths, but how can you be sure you’re using them to grow your advantage?

The most effective and reliable tool to help you – is the Strengths Profile.



Benefits of a Strengths-Based Approach


Know yourself

Knowing your strengths helps you to focus on the tasks you do well and enjoy. When you become more aware of your strengths, you can use them to become your best self.


Achieve your goals

You may recognise a handful of strengths, but you’re also likely to discover much more hidden talent! Put your strengths into practice by following the guidance found in your Strengths Profile to maximise your chances of success.


Be Happy

Using your strengths are great; it can increase your confidence, resilience and performance and even your self-esteem. When you use your strengths you feel more energised, perform better and more importantly are happier. By aligning your strengths with your goals, you’re more likely to succeed and enjoy yourself along the way. When you do something, you love everybody wins.

So much more

Understand what motivates you and why

Be more engaged in what you do and feel more energised

Know how to accomplish what you want

Do more of what you’re good at and be more productive

Build team relationships

Understand and enhance your interactions with others

Improve performance

Make better decisions about your career and your future

When you embrace your work-related strengths, you are not choosing the path of least resistance. You’re simply choosing the path that will allow for optimum growth.


Professional Strengths Assessments

More profound than just a simple personality test, a professional strengths assessment covers over 60 different attributes of your Performance, Energy and Use.

This assessment then uniquely groups your unique strengths into

four quadrants to get a clear understanding of your

Realised Strengths, Weakness, Unrealised Strengths and Learned Behaviours.



Why You Should Use Strengths

Happier and more confident

Higher levels of self-esteem and energy

Experience less stress and more resilience

More likely to achieve goals

Perform better and more engaged at work

Develop quicker in areas of strength

Download Sample Expert Individual Report Here


Why adopt a Strengths Approach in your Business?

A strengths approach will benefit both your people and your organisation. The research tells us people are six times more likely to be engaged at work when using their strengths. We also know that 98% of people want employers to recognise their strengths.

The Strengths Profile not only reveals realised and unrealised strengths but also our learned behaviours and weaknesses. It assists your people to have a more holistic approach to strengths development.

The Strengths Profile will support individuals, groups, teams and the organisation to realise their strengths, develop their hidden talent, manage potential burnout and minimise their weaknesses. So, if you want to see performance, creativity and retention increase, build a strengths-based culture.


Why Your Team Should Use Strengths

Increased productivity & goal attainment

Effective talent management

Improved relationships and communication

Increased engagement & wellbeing

Improved delegation

Increased creativity

Role clarity

Download Sample Team Report Here


Put Your Strengths into Practice

Want to understand and leverage your Strengths?

Just book your Strengths Assessment today with Coaching Psychologist and Accredited Strengths Profiler Melanie Else. It’s simple: 

  1. You will be sent a digital invitation to complete the questionnaire online.
  2. Complete the questionnaire online (180 questions -takes about 20 minutes)
  3. Your comprehensive Strengths Report will be available upon completion.
  4. Book your video appointment with Melanie Else, and an in-depth session will follow to discuss, plan and action those much needed next-step changes in your business and your life.

The most successful entrepreneurs have mastered the “work smarter” method by taking the time to focus on what they do well and building a team around the rest. It all starts with the decision to focus on you first.