Prioritise Yourself and Shine

It’s time to Thrive and Be Happy
February 14, 2018

“Instead of focusing on perfecting ourselves, let’s focus on what makes us shine”

– Kathryn Budig

My life isn’t perfect, it’s a good life, but it certainly isn’t perfect. I, like anyone else, feel overwhelmed, tired, and anxious and yes at times I hide in the in the toilet to get a minutes peace from my kids!

But I’ll tell you a little secret that many women are yet to discover or give themselves permission to accept: Your biggest contribution to the world starts with prioritising yourself.

It’s simple really, but day in and day out, I meet women who have either forgotten how to prioritise themselves or have never been taught such an important skill.

Today I am writing this on a beautiful beach in Bali, watching the sunrise.

I’m not lucky, I make this happen. I prioritise the hell out of myself!

It’s freezing where I live at the moment (grrrrr Melbourne weather) and for the past year I have worked my ass off juggling two kids, two jobs, launching a business and generally being a friggin’ superstar on steroids (not actually using any steroids though). I could feel myself burning out, I was constantly on the verge of illness, snappy with those I love and literally running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

I could feel that I was losing my Shine

Something had to give… and I was determined that it wouldn’t be me.

I needed a break and I knew that I needed to step off the treadmill of life and have some “me” time.

So I booked a trip to Bali with two gorgeous friends and my primary goal was to decompress, have some fun and reward myself…. And as a result, I knew I would let the best parts of me shine again.

13754615_650393955119101_6782122246158217078_nAs women we are a tough little posse – we are dedicated to being everything to everyone and we are constantly in overdrive, trying to make magic. But magic is hard work (well, in my opinion, it is anyway – feel free to contact me and tell me how to be successful without effort) and there is a risk that if we continue to strive to be successful without prioritising ourselves – we will burn out and lose our shine.

You don’t need to book a week in Bali like I did (although if you can – I highly recommend it!) but you do need to put as much effort into prioritising yourself as you put into your business…. Sounds weird huh – bear with me….. Your business is YOU and unless you are at your best (physically/emotionally/mentally/spiritually) then your business will suffer – take it from me!

What makes you shine?

  • Is it physical activities?
  • Is it quiet time with a great book?
  • Is it a night out with your girlfriends?
  • Is it a weekend away by yourself and a few bottles of red?

Find what makes you shine and do it as often as you can.

The rejuvenation of such activities refuels your soul and I guarantee it will increase your ability to manage the difficult times that are often just around the corner as a strong kick ass woman.

Here’s the kicker though… you already know this, don’t you?

So let’s chat about some of the reasons why you’re not actually doing it:

    1. Money: That old chestnut is usually a favourite for us isn’t it? And I can certainly tell you that it is often one of my Shine blockers, except I know that prioritising myself, be it the big trips or the incy-wincy rewards – are an investment in my business. Just like a business coach or Facebook ads – I view such expenses as something that my business must invest in if it wants me to be productive, efficient and the money maker. Be smart about what you can afford and do it – the ROI will be well worth it in the end.
    2. Poo Poo Naysayers: “God can you afford that?”, “wow that’s a bit excessive isn’t it?” Yep, they are out there and they used to really affect me…. Until I decided that I needed to GET COMFORTABLE with THEIR DISCOMFORT. No one is going to look into your brain, body or soul and see what’s going on and give you permission to shine – except you! So take the reins, prioritise the shit out of yourself and politely thank people for their comments and then ignore them.
    3. Guilt:  Arrrrrgghhhh G-U-I-L-T…. we have probably all questioned whether we should be so extravagant with ourselves at one point or another and this is directly related to our own mindset around our sense of worthiness. Think about a time, when you didn’t feel guilty… you probably felt like you deserved the reward and therefore there was no guilt associated with the treat. Rather than fight the guilt, embrace the sense of worthiness. “This is good for my family” and “This is important so that I can shine in my business and my life” and “I deserve this”, is shine inducing thoughts that will assist you in avoiding any guilt.


So, as I sign off from my gorgeous beach bed and head off for a well-deserved cocktail (or four), I will relish in every god damn moment of this break and prepare myself to return to the rest of the year with excitement, enthusiasm and gratitude.

I deserve this…. And so do you.

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